Mohler Architects, P.C.

Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design

Mohler Architects, P.C., is a full service architectural design firm. The firm is in its 37th year and has specialized experience in library facilities, public learning centers, fire stations, town halls, social service facilities, fraternity and sorority houses, condominium and apartment projects, as well as the renovation of numerous historical structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Architect’s Statement of Qualifications

1.                  Name of Firm:         Mohler Architects, P.C.

2.                  Address:                 630 South Street, Studio 632

  P.O. Box 86

                                          Lafayette, IN 47902 

3.                 Telephone Number:                (765) 742-0252

4.                 Fax Number:                         (765) 807-3099 

5.                 E-Mail Address:            

6 .               Web Site Address:         

7.                How many years has this firm been in business?

            Mohler Architects, P.C. is the successor to a firm founded in 1976. Harry Mohler has been with the firm since 1977, and has been the president since 1987.

8.                 Type of Company:                  Professional Corporation

9.                 Name of principals, professional history, professional affiliations, key personnel, staff organization.

            Mohler Architects, P.C. is the successor of a firm organized in 1976. Harry L. Mohler is the principal and owner.

            Mohler Architects, P.C. provides comprehensive design services, which include historic preservation, architecture, engineering, urban design, land and site planning, landscape design, interior design, furnishings, and construction delivery services. 

            Mohler Architects, P.C.  is a specialist in each of the following building types: public libraries, fraternity and sorority houses, schools, apartmentsandresidential projects, public works projects, retail shops, and historic preservation projects.

10.              Who would be in charge of this project? 

            Harry Mohler will be the Architect of Record and client contact for this project.

11.              What design scope would you perform in house?

            All aspects of the architectural and engineering services will be provided in house.

12.              List recently completed projects.

Mohler Architects, P.C. - Government & Community Facilities

               Ladoga Town Hall andFire Station

            Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation

            Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation Daycare,

              Clerk of the Works

            Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation Air Quality

            Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation Sidewalk

            Lincoln Center

            LUM Homeless Shelter

            County Offices 629 6th Street

            Cass County Carousel

            Lafayette Reading Academy

            Warren County Welfare

            Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds/Hog Barn

            Loeb License Branch

            Courthouse Shutters

            Armstrong Park, Concessions

            YMCA Kitchen

            Family Services

            Loeb Family & Dependent Children

            West Park Pavilion, Nappanee

            Tippecanoe County Courthouse, Clerk of the Works

            HNTB- Pentagon

            Newton County Head Start

            Pulaski County Head Start

            Lafayette Parks Department

            Hanna Community Center

            Colfax Public Library

            Kirklin Public Library 

            Kewanna Union Township Public Library

            Syracuse Turkey Creek Township Public Libary


13. List professional references complete with contact, address and telephone number.

a.                Ms. Melissa Bishop, Director

              Flora-Monroe Township Public Library

              109 North Center

              Flora, Indiana 46929-1004

              (219) 967-3912 

b.                Williamsport-Washington Township Public Library

              Contact:  Chris Brown, Director

              408 East State Road 28,

              Williamsport, Indiana  47993

              (765) 762-6555 

14.          Who does your on-site project supervision? Discuss your method of supervision.

The architect of record and the project architect regularly inspect the project.  Engineers inspect during the installation of their work.  We find that 80% of the problems are prevented during design and shop drawing review phases.  On-site project supervision prevents and resolves the other 20% of the projects.  We work with the contractor to lead the process, provide continuity and experience to make a successful project.

15.     How do you handle change orders?

Our firm handles change orders through procedures defined in the General Conditions of Construction, AIA Form A201.  Basically, the procedure is the following:

a)      The architect prepares a Request for Proposal

b)      The contractor submits a price for the Proposal Request

c)      The architect evaluates the proposed prices and makes a recommendation to the owner

d)      Upon owner's approval, the architect prepares the change order for signatures

e)      The owner, contractor and architect sign the written change order

f)        The contractor begins the work 

16.     How long does it take between preliminary drawings and final drawings and specifications?

For a $2,000,000 project, we anticipate the following schedule:

Schematic Design Phase (20% of the work): 60 days, or 45 days with a design charette at the beginning

Design Development Phase (15% of the work): 60 days

Construction Documents Phase (40% of the work): 90-120 days

Bidding Phase (5% of the work): 30 days

Construction Observation Phase (20% of the work): 240-360 days

17.     How do you prepare your cost estimates?

We prepare our cost estimates during the schematic design phase by utilizing our firms' computerized database, based on actual schedule of values and quantity take-off of our previous projects.  This is cross-referenced with national databases.

During the design development phase, we update our quantity take-offs on our computer database.  At the end of the design development phase, we consult with three contractors interested and qualified to do the work for a second opinion.  This confirms the accuracy of our estimates and market conditions.

We continually advise the owner as to how alternative design issues and market conditions will affect the project cost.

We propose alternatives when needed to reduce the scope of work to match the project budget. 

We prepare cash flow projections for the owner during the design phase and update them after the contractor is selected.

18.     What is the firm's experience with public and educational projects?

We have experience working on nine university campuses.  The projects are primarily fraternities and sororities.  The projects involve master planning, study rooms, dormitories, commercial kitchens, libraries, assembly areas, dining rooms, offices and meeting rooms.

Our public library work is also a form of continuing education that involves meeting rooms with audio-visual equipment and extensive computer facilities. 

19.     What are the firm's three best renovation, new construction and addition projects?

Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County - renovation project

Crawfordsville District Public Library - new construction project

Flora-Monroe Township Public Library - addition to existing building project

20.     What are your fee structure and rates? 

We offer fee structures for Basic Services as defined in AIA Form B141.

The following are five alternative architectural and engineering fee formats that we use:

            Percentage Basis

            Fixed Fee Basis

            Per Gross Square Foot of Building

            Hourly Basis;  See Rate Schedule

            Hourly, with a fixed maximum

If we have a fixed fee or fixed maximum, we will develop a detailed scope of work with our contract.  If the scope of work changes substantially after the contract is signed, or interior design finishes and furniture are added, we will prepare an addendum to our contract for the owner's signature. 

We prefer a percentage type of agreement so that our compensation automatically adjusts to the scope of work, so that we do not have to re-negotiate our fee when the scope of work changes.

21.     Why should Mohler Architects, P.C. be selected for design services?

We are a mature firm.  We will design a building identity and image using tried and true methods.  We will work with the client to develop individual identity.  The client's project is very important to the success of our business plan. 

We will listen to the owner and user's needs.  This makes every project different and prevents our work from becoming repetitive, type cast and predictable.

We have developed a process for gathering owner's and user's input, through an intensive design workshop.  The process develops group consensus, master-planning concepts and saves months or years of development time by focusing all of the efforts of the players in the planning process in the same direction.

After the workshop design session, all work is scheduled and developed in an orderly process.  Written notes and reports are generated at every step to keep everyone informed as to the status of the project.  We will follow through on the hundreds of details involved in the construction project.

Since 1985, we have produced virtually all of our construction documents on computer aided design (CAD) systems. 

We build public works projects.  We understand how they are financed and regulated.  We understand the importance of dealing with the public, and being accountable to the public.

We know the local, state and regional contractors who will be interested and qualified to work on the project.  We also know their sub-contractors and suppliers.  We deal with them everyday, and we are in a position to properly advise you, the owner.